Due to current COVID-19 regulations each person MUST  register individually using the Registration/RSVP form on the relevant event

COVID REGULATIONS:   Updated on 27 October 2021 for our next event on 3 November:  Celebrations and Architecture

As on 18 October the regulations have been considerably relaxed so we will celebrate our meeting with a glass of wine. 

  • You must be fully vaccinated meaning you have had 2 doses of a COVID-19 vaccination or you have a medical exemption. 

  • You must carry with you your vaccination evidence which you must produce if requested.

  • You must check in on the QR Code with the Service NSW app.

  • Mask: Depends on the regulations on the night. In any event you don't have to wear a mask when you are drinking or eating.

  • You can bring wine, Champagne, soft drinks to share.  We will provide disposable cups and nibbles.

  • Pre register via our website.

  • Scan the QR code on entry to the building. No kissing unless it’s your regular partner. (Frenchmen have a dispensation)

  • For more details please consult the NSW Government COVID-19 information website.