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Cockatoo Island outing


19 November 2022 at 11:00:00 pm

On Sunday 20th of November, a group of PPP members gathered on Cockatoo Island. Bravely they explored the island despite gale force winds, swooping seagulls and the detours around the set up for the opera “Carmen”. Some of them were on the island for the first time and promised themselves to be back either at a different time, with different weather or with a different camera or with a different idea.
The island has its origins in convict time, later became a school for troubled girls who were then badly mistreated, a naval and industrial place and lately a backdrop for holiday, camping, biennale and concert. It is also a storage place for yachts. The best of it all being a fabulous viewing spot for the fireworks on New Year’s eve.
We had lunch at the wharf licensed Marina café, at the back of the island, and everybody enjoyed their orders. Sadly some had to go home early due to the long trip home but some made the most of their day.

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