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Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day


24 April 2021 at 11:00:00 pm

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day is an international event promoting the historic art of capturing a photographic image via a pinhole that allows light to ‘burn’ an image directly onto photographic paper, without using any sort of lens.

For some years now, the WWPPD organisers have opened participation to images captured using a pinholed body cap and no lens on a digital or film camera such as a modern Canon or Nikon SLR. Using a digital camera like this eliminates the need for a darkroom or chemicals and in the case of a digital camera, the image can be checked on the rear screen after capture.

Most participants at Primrose Park Photography made their own pinhole cameras using an old shoe box or metal tin with photographic paper inside the box opposite to the pinhole.

It was a glorious warm day and we had a very good turnout at Primrose Park, with quite a few visitors keen to see how the process actually works. With our state of the art darkroom on site, it didn’t take long for those images to appear in the darkroom washing trays. Some of our members used the pinholed body cap on modern camera method and were both amazed and impressed at the results.

Participants around the world post their images on the WWPPD website and to view images posted by members of Primrose Park Photography, go to: then go to the Gallery. Fill in the fields to get to Australia, New South Wales and the group Primrose Park Photography.

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day next year will be held on the last Sunday in April, so mark the 24th April 2022 in your diary and get ready to participate in this fun and amazing worldwide event.

Michael Bucknell

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