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Gordon Undy Birks at Aberfeldy

This is probably my favourite place in the world. I’m Scots by later DNA tracing and I feel at home here.

This is all photographed with the Leica Monochrom in about two hours. I had my wife drop me here and pick me up two hours later. I was only less than a kilometre from where she left me and it felt like five minutes. There is a flat rock near the top of this hill which is said to have been a favourite place of Robbie Burns.

The Birks (birch trees) is about a two kilometre walk uphill then across a bridge and down to the starting point.

One needs to be alone.

There is a small creek with the bridge at top and another at the bottom. The peacefulness is spiritual. What more is there to say.

The only other place that has a similar peace for me is in Perigord In the south west of France.

Cheers. Gordon.

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