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I have had a long association with Primrose Park Photography, having first joined in March 1995 and renewing my membership in 2013 after returning to Sydney after a 7 year “sea-change” on NSW South Coast.

My practical interest in photography began way back in 1958 when I purchased my first camera from the local chemist in Hurlstone Park. It was a Braun Paxette, a 35mm. film camera with no range finder or exposure meter. Loaded with Kodachrome 25 ASA (ISO), during an Easter hike and camp, I used this camera to capture images of the Cox’s River Valley - now inundated by the waters of Warragamba Dam. Then working as a trainee for the Water Board, I have some historic images of the dam still under construction.

As a qualified civil & structural engineer, my interest in engineering projects presented an opportunity many years later to photograph the Glebe Island (now ANZAC) bridge as it neared completion, standing in the centre of the unfinished roadway to get a symmetrical B/W image of the western tower and cables. This was selected as the PPP calendar photo c. 1995 or ’96 and appears on the back cover of the “Celebration” photobook marking the 20th. anniversary of PPP. It also received an acceptance for exhibition at the 1996 RAS Easter Show.

Another PPP involvement was contributing to the Centenary of Federation “A Cultural Life” publication by North Sydney Council in 2001, including a medium format (Hasselblad 501C) night shot of the Sydney Harbour Bridge sporting the Olympic rings and a photo of the Independent Theatre in Miller Street. The former image appeared in “The Mosman Daily” and the latter was used as the cover of “A Brief History” of the Independent Theatre by Carolyn Lowry.

The 1997-’98 Edition of the NRMA Holiday Guide contained several of my images such as parts of the coastal walkway near Coogee and the “Snake man’s” enclosure at La Perouse. Some of these photographs were also used in promotional brochures for Randwick Tourism.

One of the highlights of my photographic experiences was gaining acceptance to the Certificate and Diploma of Photography course at the Sydney Institute of Technology (SIT), graduating in 1999 after four years part-time study. The training for a large part included practical work in studio large-format (5” x 4”) mono-rail cameras, which included lighting, shooting and dark-room techniques. Using only B/W films for the first 3 years, we were introduced to the complexities of processing and printing colour transparencies (E6) and negatives (C24) in the final year.

While living down south, I joined a small group studying Photoshop. While appreciating how much easier and more comfortable it is to edit and print colour photos digitally, I still miss working in bathroom or laundry darkrooms with black & white film and Cibachrome.

Apart from a few 6-week stints as a Santa photographer at Myer, Warringah Mall, from Christmas 1998 to 2000, I’ve engaged in photography mainly on an amateur basis. After many years during which the art/science has changed so dramatically through many metamorphoses in both film and digital technology, I still can’t identify a particular speciality which most appeals to me. I enjoy landscape, architectural and travel photography, but am also happy to look for interesting subjects in the back garden, not to mention portraits of my long-suffering family members and our very patient greyhound. These days I use a Nikon D750 with a 28 - 300 Tamron FX lens, a Panasonic Lumix compact camera (with Leica lens) and an iPhone 5S as back-up.

In short, I’ve found photography to be “the gift that keeps on giving”. There’s always something new to learn and the pleasure of achievement that can be realised when you’re fortunate enough to find and capture an appealing image.

Vince Lindsay