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AVs are relatively easy and fun to produce and with a little practice you will be surprised by your own artistic creativity and talent. So don't be shy, go for it.           A brief summary:

  1. Select your images, keeping in mind the time frame guidelines. (Length approximately 3 minutes, 3-5 seconds transition per image.

  2. Place your images, title slides and music file in a folder

  3. Open your preferred software.

  4. Create a new project and give it a name.

  5. Import the folder containing the images.

  6. Drag the images in position in your selected order.

  7. Play a preview and find music to match the mood of your AV.MUST BE Copyright free!!

  8. Download music then import to your project.

  9. Fine tune timeline and music.

  10. Export your project to a file.


NEW AVs for the website:

  • Maximum 4 minutes.Optimum is 3 minutes, 3 to 5 seconds transition per image

  • Music must be Copyright free. There are many royalty and copyright free websites (YouTube Audio Library, Jamendo etc).

  • AV must have an end slide with details of the artist, the track, and the source of the Copyright free music.

  • Create your AV as usual then forward the file using WeTransfer and one of the images to the Webmaster

  • By submitting your AV you confirm that any music used is Copyright free.

  • The following files CAN BE USED: MP3, AVI, MPEG, MPG, MPE, MKV, WebM, MOV, OGV, VOB, M4V, 3GP, DivX, XVID, MXF, WMV.


OLD AVs for the website.

You can submit one of your old AVs, but you must replace the music with Copyright free material. As there is a storage size issue, shorter AVs will be given priority. Submit to Webmaster as above.

AVs to be shown at our meetings:

Whilst in the true legal context only copyright free music should be used, it should be acceptable that AVs shown at our meetings can use any music of your choice.



Numerous software is available. A few suggestions of the ones most used by members:

PTE AV Studio 10         $US69

Very easy to use (I do- Christopher) Many powerful features.  You can output in many formats. Plenty of on-line tutorials available on youtube, some clearer than others.

PhotoStage Slideshow Software         Click on this link to view   $US 50

Suggested by Ron Switzer who has trialed it and is "quite impressed".

Music slide.jpg

Sample back slide for the music used.

Must mention:

  • The title

  • The artist

  • The copyright free source

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