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See list of recent exhibitions below.

Click on thumbnail image to view individual galleries:

Gilberto Olimpio
Sylvie Pagna Birds 2022
Simon Hall 2021
Sylvie Pagna Infrared images
Sylvie Pagna
Pam Murphy
Michael Lynch 2022
Deb Mooney "Look Up"
Glenn Hunt
Vince Lindsay
Simon Hall
Michael Bucknell iPhone photography
​Discover our Mezzanine Gallery

Our custom designed gallery on the mezzanine level is a stunning space where each month one of our talented photographers exhibits some of his/her latest or favorite photographs. The gallery is available to all Primrose Park Photography members, normally for a month at a time. We provide assistance with framing and hanging, all at no cost. It's a popular initiative and we always have a long queue of reservations.


During the evening meeting we gather in the gallery to appreciate the work of our featured artist who will give us some insight about his work, what inspired him and share some of his technical knowledge and secrets.

The members have the opportunity to ask questions, followed by a vote to determine the three most popular photographs. This is a very convivial segment of our evening, inspiring and at times educational.

If you are interested to display your work in this Gallery please contact: 

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