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PPP is proud to have one of the best if not the best darkroom facilities in Sydney, with top quality equipment.  The darkroom is available for use from 0700 to 2200 every day of the year.

Totally rebuilt in 2019 it has everything the film photographer needs to develop monochrome film and print the negatives.  Unfortunately we do not have the facilities to develop and print colour film.  

We have a range of developing tanks to accommodate films ranging from 35 mm to 8x10 inches.

Once your film is developed you can select from three enlargers to print your negatives. We have a DeVere 510 Dichromat which can handle negatives from 35mm to 4x5 inches; a Leitz which takes 35mm as well as 6x6cm and 6x7cm negs and a Rollei 6x7 CXL which takes the same negs as the Leitz. All three enlargers have colour heads which allow you to dial in your filter when using variable contrast paper. Appropriate lenses and gelatin filters are available for each enlarger.

The central sink can take up to four large trays and water is provided through an 'intelligent' thermostat.

After developing and fixing, the print washer will handle up to 12x16 inch prints.

Generally only one person at a time uses the darkroom but by mutual agreement two or more can do so.

There is cross ventilation, and infra-red heating for cold winter days and nights.

PPP does not provide chemicals or film or paper. 

​Before using the darkroom the first time you will have to contact the darkroom manager to arrange an orientation session. This will involve showing you the codes to access the centre and the darkroom and other procedures that must be followed when entering the centre.

Primrose Park Photography requires that you either have previous darkroom experience.  At various times we offer a range of courses for beginners as well as advanced techniques for the more adventurous practitioners.

Bookings are available for members only in the members area. So why not join now to enjoy this wonderful facility.

For general darkroom enquiries contact the darkroom manager here.

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