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The list below has a number of photographically-oriented sites that you might enjoy exploring. Most of theme display ads (sorry!) but we've picked them because they offer information and perhaps even inspiration that will be useful.

Beginners guide to outdoor and nature photography.

Excellent site suggested by intrepid boy scout Noah Miller.  Thank you Noah !

Black and White photography on rainy days

Color harmonies in landscape photography

Perfect Pawtraits Photography 

Everything you always wanted to know about photographing dogs

Lens culture     

An international online magazine celebrating the culture of photography.             

This site is a blend of education, art, and community.

Guide to Film Photography       

A guide to old-fashioned film photography that includes information about cameras, exposure, film types, and processing.

Digital Photography School       

A bit of everything to do with digital photography

Picture Correct                             

Another site with a lot of tips for you to try


A popular online photography magazine produced in the UK

Infrared Photography with a Digital Camera       

Not much need to explain this one; it's full of practical information

Lomographic Society International   

What do you do with container loads of crap cameras? Start a fad!

Center for Fine Art Photography    

An international, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting photography as an art form

World Photography Awards 2009     

A site with well over 25,000 images for you to browse, enjoy and learn from. Sponsored by Sony, but advertising-free. have a look!

All you need to know about infrared digital photography
Andrej Wrotniak's site full of interesting information for infra-red fans

Streets Imaging Services        

Print your photos on canvas. Fast turnaround - Australian wide shipping

Great car photography           

Useful hints for everyone interested in car photography - Thanks, Noah (and Kathy)

Architectural Photography resources     

A wonderful set of links for you to explore (thanks, Allison!). Everything architectural!

Useful tips for beginner photographers. 

How to get started, save money on equipment.  US based site and links but some very interesting ideas and guides.

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