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Gordon's considerable achievements in many areas of photography have been extensively reported in the most glowing terms in numerous publications. Here are a few examples amongst hundreds.

As photographic tutor, Gordon Undy is an ideal choice. Undy's passion for landscape photography is infectious. He has an impressive knowledge of the medium and a flair for teaching. He opened our eyes to new perspectives in landscape photography and ways to take images capturing the different moods we experienced.

Andrew O'Keeffe, Australian Photography, Nov.1997

“Point Light [is] new to Sydney, but has already gathered impressive credentials. From the standard of a recent students' exhibition, co-director Gordon Undy can be regarded as one of Sydney's premier photography teachers.

Robert McFarlane, Sydney Morning Herald, Dec.1997

“Gordon Undy, a fine landscape photographer in his own right, has also revived interest in arcane photographic print processes. 'Point Light', says Undy, 'is a place to inspire, create, enjoy and acquire fine photographic prints' from photographers using 'silver, platinum, and alternative processes'.

Robert McFarlane, Australian Art Collector, 1998

Undy has a considerable flair for abstract composition.

Sebastian Smee, Sydney Morning Herald, June 1999

A new group exhibition of silver gelatin prints at Point Light Gallery hinges on the theme of water. It's a small show packed with riches...In images like 'Babinda Boulders, Queensland', which he took in 1984, Undy handles the slower shutter-speed approach to rushing water with unusual delicacy, creating that familiar fairy floss effect without entirely blurring over the water's multi-directional movements.

Sebastian Smee, Sydney Morning Herald, November 2000


Gordon Undy is renowned as one of Australia's foremost practitioners of b & w landscape photography. Undy has contributed much to the love and craft of b & w photography over the years as the founder of Point Light which offers an exhibition space, printing workshops and mentoring programmes in a stylish space at Surry Hills in Sydney.

Commercial Photography, May/June 2002


But present in these new Undy images ... is a complexity of vision suggesting a change in his way of seeing the Australian landscape. 'Black Mountain Study No 1' shows Undy is unafraid to use a rougher sense of composition to say something new about the bush. This is one of a number of impolite, but satisfying photographs in the book and show [Lines, written in Australia].

Robert McFarlane, Sydney Morning Herald, Oct.2003


[On Intimations] Undy's pictures have become quieter, meditative and somehow more intensely Australian...Undy approaches Australian land and light on his own terms...Lovers of silver-based printing would also be well advised to see this exhibition for the luminosity of Undy's black and white printing, in both silver and the rarer platinum/palladium process.

Robert McFarlane, Sydney Morning Herald, Oct. 2004


 [On figments]...elegant composition and impeccable black and white print quality...deeply personal photography of mostly zen-like simplicity.           

Robert McFarlane, Sydney Morning Herald, May 2007

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