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Michael Bucknell iPhone photography

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Michael Bucknell iPhone photography

Amongst ‘serious’ photographers, it’s long been considered that smart phones aren’t real cameras, however huge improvements have been made to what smart phones can achieve and they will keep on improving, often using software to achieve an end result that a few years ago, would have required a high end camera and computer driven editing software. eg iPhone 11 Pro.

Currently DSLR cameras are technically superior but as we know, the visual quality of a photo depends more on the person behind the lens than the technical qualities of the camera.

These 15 images represent some of the possibilities of smart phone cameras. Mostly I use my Nikon 750D with 28 to 300 zoom lens when travelling but my iPhone comes with location information (and my Nikon doesn’t), I usually take one or two location shots with the iPhone to give me this. And sometimes it’s the only camera I have on me, so it’s the best camera for the shot.
Michael Bucknell

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